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Why Solar Energy is Better than Wind Energy

Solar energy and wind energy are two of the most widely used renewable energy sources. One can be more successful than the other, depending on the geography and the energy need. But it is important to take informed decisions, as a lot of money and effort is involved in setting-up the infrastructure for these energy sources. Solar electricity, produced by solar panels, has a few distinct advantages over wind energy.

Cheap and silent

Wind energy depends on the movement of turbines. These turbines make noise and are installed in far off places. They also pose a threat to birds. Every year thousands of birds get killed due to these moving turbines. Solar electricity production is a silent process.
The panels don’t make noise and are not dangerous to anyone. Solar energy is also cheap. The prices over the years have dropped exponentially. Large installations in industries are cost effective, clean and powerful. In case of solar panels, both the installation and maintenance costs are less.

Uses the omnipresent Sun

Studies show that global warming will only increase with time, if the current rate of burning fuels and cutting trees continues. We’ll only be left with one source of power one day – the Sun. As solar electricity uses sun as a resource, people can rely on it for a long-time. Sunlight is responsible for hot air and its movement. Although wind energy utilizes this aspect, it is a wise choice to leverage the benefits of the Sun directly.

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